Logan County Kentucky Welcomes You!

Please visit Logan County and experience the rich history and deep rooted traditions. This website attempts to provide you with an overview of all that one can do or see when visiting this area.

You can fish or boat while surrounded by the high cliffs of beautiful Lake Malone; travel the three scenic byways of US 100 in East Logan Co., Duncan Ridge Road and Iron Mountain Road near Lewisburg in North Logan Co.; canoe or kayak down the Red River and Gasper River; see unique flowers and plants, birds and animals, hike up limestone outcroppings or walk within tall prairie grass at the Baker Natural Area (62 acres) or Logan County’s Glade State Nature Preserve (41 acres); tour four museums or take two walking tours to see historic properties which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Auburn, Ky. and Russellville, Ky.

For Canoeing and Kayaking info: Check the direct link on the Auburn webpage for Gasper River and the Adairville webpage for Red River. River trail maps are provided for you use. This info aid you on your trip up or down both rivers in Logan County.

In the Spring and early Summer you can see the beautiful home gardens in Adairville by just strolling down the village streets or visit the historic Church and Cemetery of Red River near Adairville or the Shaker Museum near Auburn at South Union. In Russellville, visit the Bibb House, Saddle Factory, or Payne-Dunnigan House.

While driving West on US 79 or South on US 431 you will come into vast areas of farm land and you will see some of the most beautiful land in the State of Kentucky.

Take time to stop in at various Agri-tourism businesses along the way. See and buy the fresh vegetables, flowers, plants, KOI-fish, art, smell soaps and candles or the aroma of fresh baked bread to go with home made bread, jams and jellies. Plus, look for the Barn Quilt Trail coming soon to the Adairville and South Logan area!

We have our doors open to welcome you!

The History of Logan County

Logan County, Kentucky, in its present configuration, is situated in the southwestern part of the state and is one of the southern tier of counties bordering the northern Tennessee line. Logan County is bounded on the north by Muhlenberg and Butler Counties, on the east by Warren and Simpson Counties, on the west by Todd County, and on the south by Robertson County, Tennessee. It is less than thirty minutes west of I-65 and the Natcher Parkway near Bowling Green, Ky. It is about one hour north of Nashville, Tennessee and the Nashville International Airport.

Russellville, the county seat, is almost in the center of the county. When the county was first formed as the thirteenth county, it was much larger. It still is the third largest county in the state. There are three smaller cities within the county, Adairville, Auburn and Lewisburg. Many additional small communities with unusual names and histories like “Dot”, dot the landscape of the “Land of Logan”.

Agriculture is an important factor in the countys economy. For decades, the tobacco crop was one of the largest in the state and the cornerstone for the “Tobacco Festival” which is now called the “Tobacco and Heritage Festival.” The festival takes place in the County Seat of Russellville but it is very much a county wide event.

Civil War In Logan County

Logan County saw its share of turbulence caused by the Civil War. The railroad, which ran in a south westerly direction from Memphis Junction, south of Bowling Green, through the county, was heavily used for troop movement. The plundering by both sides of the conflict left much hardship in its wake. The Shakers of eastern Logan County suffered greatly because of their giving nature. Not only did they willingly feed the masses from the North and the South but each side took what they wanted, as well. It has been said that even the county was divided in half in addition to finding brother against brother.

Fish Story

There are several “fish stories” about the weathervane on top of the Logan County Court House. Some research has provided new information about why a big fish is our county symbol. Where shall we start? Let’s read and find out!

New “Living” Website

The Logan County Tourism Commission’s new office is located at 280 E. 4th St. in Russellville. Our mailing address is PO Box 1678 Russellville, Ky. 42276.

We also have a home in cyber space that is filled with information and pictures designed to show you more of our great county. We will be adding information on a monthly basis. This website also features access to the “Tourism Wayfinding Map” of Logan County. If you are new visitor to the site, you can make contact with people from the area on the message board. or if you have suggestions, comments, articles or digital pictures to share which would be of interest to the public and are tourism related please contact us at line. or e-mail us at logancountytouri@bellsouth.net.

The Quilt Trail

All eyes are on the southern part of Logan County these days because of the Barn Art Quilt Trail beginning to develop. As you drive through the area you will see the Quilts mounted on Barns, stores and other buildings. The barn quilts are painted by private homeowners and also a group of dedicated people in and around Adairville. Check the Adariville Webpage and you will see samples of the progress.